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From experience I know that it can be the biggest stumbling block most online marketers face -

Getting your first site up and running, ready to start making comissions...

There's not just installing wordpress, you then need to get the all important tweaks done so it's setup right

Then there's choosing a theme, adding menus, sidebars and widgets

You also need to get legal pages setup.

Then there's which plugins you need and how to Secure your blog from hackers

Only then can you get to adding your first content & affiliate links...

Let alone think about setting up a complete funnel, and building out a follow up email sequence!

It's no wonder so many people fail at this first stage!

But here's the secret -
It gets SO MUCH easier once that's all in place.

Most of that setup work is something you only need to do once

But there's a hefty learning curve (and time investment) involved to get past it...

It's also the worst time to be making mistakes that put you back, just when you're getting started!

You can skip the "2 steps forward, 1 step backwards" feeling..."

Why put this road block in your way when there's another option?

You can take the easy way...

Let Us Take Care Of The Heavy Lifting, And Get You
Up and Running Today!

Just register a domain (we'll give you some recommendations to help if you're not sure)

And grab your hosting (if you don't have any we'll show you how to get your domain for free with super fast hosting)

Send us your details (we'll tell you exactly what we need and where to find it)

And we'll do the rest for you...

So You can hit the ground running with your site setup ready to collect commissions!

Introducing MAT1 Done For You Site Setup

Here’s What’s You Get Done For You

We appreciate that every customer is different…

And while our step-by-step tutorial videos show you exactly how to setup your own site from scratch...

If you don’t feel you have the skills, confidence or time to tackle this yourself…

Then this is your chance to Get Us To Do It For You!

What's Included:

Setup & Configure WordPress

We've worked with thousands of our own & customers WP Sites, we know how to get the best out of WordPress and will make sure your site is setup the right way

Including adding a themes, menu & widgets...

Install Essential Plugins

There are some essential plugins every blog should have, we will install what we consider to be the best for niche affiliate blogs

and give you additional tutorials for extra plugins we recommend down the line...

WordPress Security

Because WP is the most popular site building software it also tends to attack the most hackers...

We'll install the two best security plugins we use on all our sites to help keep hackers out!

3 Premium Niche Plugins

We will include 3 of our own Premium Niche plugins, designed by us for our own sites

These sell for over $80 in total and are designed specifically for increasing commissions on our affiliate blogs!

The Pages You MUST Have

Google expects you to have certain legal pages in place (e.g. Privacy Policy, as well as a Contact Us page.

You should also have some extra legals pages like GDPR & DMCA info.

We'll get these setup for you and integrate your Contact page with a Contact form...

Your First High Ticket Review Post

We'll get your first high ticket affiliate review post published, complete with your affiliate link (we'll show you where to get this), so your blog is ready to start making commissions...


Your Blog will also have a complete funnel, with lead magnet and optin page...

AND 30 Days of follow up emails with guaranteed approval affiliate offers!

We can even integrate your autoresponder (GetResponse or AWeber) for you.

Everything you need on your site to start making commissions will be in place...

Take Advantage Of Our Experience -
Be Up And Running With Zero Learning Curve!.

I have to state that this is a VERY LIMITED OFFER, and spaces will go quickly - we simply don't have the time to provide this extra level, personal touch for all our customers...

When it comes to WordPress we know what we're doing, with a wealth of experience from providing plugins support to tens of thousdands of customers over the last decade, and we usually charge upwards of $250 per hour for client on site work...

This ONE TIME Offer is at a massive discount to help you get up and running ASAP with the least headaches and learning curve possible.

This is not a service we usually offer, and once the available time slots are taken the offer WILL BE Closed.

And if we bring it back it will be a our usual, higher rate...

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MAT1 includes complete, step-by-step tutorial videos to show you how to build your website from scratch using WP, including the plugins and themes we recommend

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