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  • Over $25k worth of Premium plugins & themes included

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The World’s Most Popular Content Management System On The Planet Keeps Growing . . . And This Spells HUGE Opportunity For YOU

Use WordPress? You’re not alone!

According to a January 5, 2017 post on CodeInWP.com:

  • Over 15,886,000 websites run on WordPress.

  • WordPress is the most popular content management system on the planet, with 50-60% of the global CMS market share.

  • Some of the biggest websites in the world run on WordPress, including: New York Observer, New York Post, TED, Thought Catalog, Williams, USA Today, CNN, Fortune.com, TIME.com, National Post, Spotify, TechCrunch, CBS Local, NBC

  • WP plugins have received over 1 billion downloads

  • WordPress themes have been downloaded 123,498,018 times

While these WP statistics are impressive, they mean a lot more to you than you might think right now.

Because they hint at a MASSIVE opportunity you need to take advantage of ASAP.

First though . . . a word of warning.

Why ‘Free’ WP Plugins & Themes Can Cost YOU Plenty . . .

I’ve been using WordPress to develop niche sites for both clients and my own businesses for over 12 years. It’s an amazing platform.

Most WP users have searched the WordPress Repository to find themes and plugins for their websites. It seems like a great idea - because nearly all themes and plugins in the Repository are free of charge.

However, there is a BIG pitfall to consider when you use free WP themes and plugins.

Developers donate themes and plugins free-of-charge to the Repository.

Unfortunately, some items don’t deliver on what they promise, which is bad enough.

Here’s what’s worse.

Since there’s nothing in it for the developers, themes and plugins in the WP Repository get abandoned without any updates or support. And this leaves their users wide open for hacker attacks.

Getting hacked can cost you
thousands in lost revenue.

So, you should use Premium plugins and themes to safeguard your websites because they get updated on a regular basis. This goes a long way in keeping your sites safe, because hackers often exploit themes and plugins which haven’t been updated to the latest WordPress release.

Using Premium WP plugins and themes is definitely the right thing to do . . .

However . . . it brings up another issue . . .

Premium WP Products Come with Premium Price Tags!

Premium themes and plugins can be quite expensive (and they can also come with restrictive licensing terms.)

How expensive?

  • A premium WP plugin can easily cost $99 and up.

  • Premium themes typically start at $49 and can run into the HUNDREDS of dollars

And just because you paid for themes and plugins. . .

Doesn’t mean you have the right to install them on all of your WP sites (many of them come with single site licensing.)

This means you gotta cough up every time you want to install a plugin or theme on an additional site - even if you paid good money for it in the first place.

This adds up fast for anyone who has multiple sites (which is most WP users!)

If You’re A WP Website Owner,
I’ve Got Good News For You Today

Fortunately, there’s a better, less expensive way for WP users like you to get the supported themes and plugins you need for your websites.

Even better, you’ll have full rights to use these Premium themes and plugins on multiple sites . . .

And also get rights to use them on your client’s sites without paying a cent in additional fees. Which is a great way to make extra income by providing much needed WP tools.

I’ve heard countless complaints about how difficult it is to find the right plugins and themes for WP sites.

And I’ve also heard moaning about the extra expense of Premium tools if you have more than one site . . .

Not to mention hearing how expensive it is to use Premium plugins and themes on client’s sites because of restrictive licensing terms.

So I decided to do something about it.

I negotiated rights to a MASSIVE library of PREMIUM Wordpress Themes and Plugins. And today, I’m passing on the savings to YOU.



TESTED Premium WP Themes And Plugins For Less

Who has time to sort through countless pages of the WP repository looking for the right themes and plugins for their sites?

I don’t. And I’m sure you don’t either.

This is why I’ve gathered together a selection of Premium WP themes and plugins called WPToolkit. (The Toolkit includes over 380 WP themes and 250 WP plugins.)

There’s enormous value here.

There are $25,000 worth of WordPress tools included in the Toolkit.

These Aren’t Just Any Themes And Plugins

These are Premium GPL (General Public Licensed) plugins and themes with developer rights.

Which Means You Can . . .

  • Use the themes and plugins on as many of your personal websites as you like (without paying an extra dime for the privilege)

  • Install the themes and plugins on as many client sites as you (and charge a handsome fee for their installation and maintenance)

  • Create versions of the themes & plugins for your own use (or to sell)

  • Use the themes and plugins as bonuses for affiliate offers

  • Offer them up as opt-in incentives

These are a only few ways how WPToolkit benefits YOU . . .

And with both the Themes and the Plugins, we include 12 months of updates - completely free of charge.

Our Customers Rave About The Value Inside WPToolkit

Earlier, we released these Premium themes and plugins as separate bundles.

Our customers were blown away by the vast selection of tools they received (and by the amazing price!)

Here’s a sample of our happy customers’ rave reviews:

"Your bundles were stunning, literally thousands of dollars of software all in one place. The plugin pack in particular was packed full of value with many essential components for any WordPress site."

Jeremy Johansen - Member via email

"So much for my beauty sleep!!! Sheesh! Discovered your site last night and was up until the wee hours going through the videos and getting up to speed on the products. There are so many! And thank you again for the GREAT video training. Your teaching style is clear and easy to follow. Will likely listen to several of them again as my retention was slipping by 3:00AM! WP Toolkit will definately be listed as a favorite resource for my blogs."

Carol - Customer via support

"Big, big thank you! Love it - again a big thank you. You now have an addicted fan for life - again. Thanks and kind regards."

Leon - Member via comments

"I have to say I was blown away by the sheer amount of tools that you provide (and I'm not even counting the training videos yet). How have you done this? Thank you for one of the best value products I’ve ever come across and I’ve bought hundreds of products in the WordPress world."

Morris Murphy - Members via email

You’ll be receiving the same high quality WP tools in ONE amazing bundle today. (I’m not going to charge you separately for the themes and plugins.)

And now you’ve seen why our customers love WPToolkit, here’s a closer look at what you’ll receive today.

Click on the Thumbnail Images below to see the fullscreenshot of what's included in the WP Toolkit Library

*NOTE*: these are large images so make take a few seconds to load up, and if you use firefox you may need to click on the image to get it full size. There mat also be a scroll bar at the bottom of the image to scroll left/right, depending on your browser settings & resolution.

Powerful WP Plugins & Themes Add Functionality To Your sites (And To Your Clients’ Sites Too!)

You’ll be receiving an extensive range of Premium WP Plugins & Themes to make your WP sites run like powerful precision engineered machines . . . . without the need to do any complicated coding yourself.

And your clients will love the increase in engagement, lead generation and sales they’ll see after you install WP Toolkit’s themes and plugins on their behalf.

You’ll be able to command fees not only to do the initial installation for your clients, but also to maintain their sites.

Can we say monthly recurring revenue at your fingertips?

WPToolkit’s Powerhouse
PREMIUM Plugins:

We’ve included every plugin type a business owner could dream of inside this bundle.

Video Plugins

attractive video players, lightboxes and more to grab your visitor's attention (helps reduce your site’s bounce rate too)

Mobile Plugins

remove the need for programming or design knowledge (makes your sites run better & faster)

Helper Plugins

showcase your products and/or services so you stand out among your competitors

Feature Plugins

gain website visitors’ trust for a big uptick in subscribers and sales

Rating Plugins

mail subscribers directly from your WP site (eliminate your separate autoresponder account)

Mailing Plugins

display gorgeous product images to entice your reader to discover more about your offers

Slider Plugins

attractive video players, lightboxes and more to grab your visitor's attention (helps reduce your site’s bounce rate too)

Advertising Plugins

make additional revenue with Adsense and banner ads

Pop Up Plugins

tempt your readers with coupons and special offers; capture email addresses of exiting visitors

Not only will you receive all of these plugin types, you’ll also receive . . .

WPToolkit’s Exquisite Professional Themes

No matter what your niche or industry, you’re sure to find the perfect theme inside the Toolkit.

And we’ve made sure these themes have ZERO learning curve. There’s nothing more frustrating than finding a beautiful theme for your website and discovering you need to be a designer to make it look right!

Remember, you can use these Premium themes on as many of your own and your client’s sites as you’d like. No matter what the business model, you’re sure to find the perfect theme in this Premium collection.

Choose from:

Travel Themes

perfect for travel bloggers, Bed & Breakfasts, and local attractions

Store Themes

sell physical products and digital downloads right from your own online storefront

Tech Themes

promote the latest in tech gear . . . or build your following as a tech blogger

Magazine Themes

the best themes for news sites, blogs, portals and other news-oriented websites

Product Themes

affiliate marketers need user-friendly themes to promote products (and these fit the bill)

Enterprise Themes

attractive themes for the needs of corporate and professional businesses

Church Themes

themes created especially for churches, NGOs and nonprofit organizations, with built-in event management and more

Food Themes

ideal for restaurants, food bloggers, farmer’s markets and all types of food vendors

Auto Themes

car rental agencies, auto repair shops, car dealerships and auto parts stores get everything they need to build sites showcasing their products and services

Business Themes

any type of business can boost their web presence and credibility without coding skills with these attractive designs

Minimalist Themes

fast loading, clean designs remove any unnecessary elements to elegantly present your products, services or content

Marketplace Themes

vendors and product creators can sign up on your site and list their products for sale on your site (and YOU can get a piece of the action)

Portfolio Themes

perfect for writers, artists, graphic designers and photographers to highlight their best work

Music Themes

great themes for bands, solo artists, night clubs, record labels, magazines and all music-related enterprises.

Cooking Themes

food bloggers, local chefs and cookbook authors will appreciate these high quality, easy-to-setup themes

News Themes

stylish news themes for news, political commentary, entertainment or gossip bloggers

Shop Themes

sell almost anything online with these high powered themes designed to put the spotlight on your products

Photography Themes

photographers will love how these themes make their best creations stand out from the competition and get them more gigs

No matter what niche you and your clients are in, you’re sure to see the perfect theme for your business model in this Premium collection.

If the timer has run out - the special launch savings are gone for good.

So why wait? Grab WPToolkit NOW and lock in your savings!

Glad you asked this question.

WPToolkit is for ANYONE who builds WordPress sites for clients - or who simply want a more efficient WP site for themselves.

It’s perfect for so many business models - including:

Who Is WPToolkit For?


Social Media Marketers

Affiliate Marketers

CPA Marketers

Product Creators



Online Store Owners

Artists and Photographers

Restaurants and Night Clubs

Car dealers, mechanics and auto parts stores

And more . . .

There’s only one catch.

You must . . .

Act Now - This Is A Limited Time Offer

If you see the supreme value I’m offering in WPToolkit, you’re not alone. Which is exactly why I’m raising the price after this launch closes. I don’t want the market flooded with these Premium tools.

I want to give those who take action NOW an unfair advantage.

The combined value of all of the tools inside the Toolkit is over $25,000. And smart business owners like you will be stunned how little you’ll pay for WPToolkit.

A price so low . . . your jaw will drop.

Remember, you’re not only getting these Premium WP plugins & themes for your own use . . .

You can also install them on an unlimited number of client sites.

And my team will keep each and every item inside WPToolkit updated for a full 12 months from purchase - at no additional charge.

For your convenience, I’m offering 3 pricing plans for the Toolkit.

Simply choose the plan that best fits the needs of your business by clicking the button below it. But you’ve got to hurry . . . prices WILL rise after launch.

You Get ALL Months Instantly!


  • Developer Rights to all Premium Themes & Plugins
  • unlimited updates
  • Can install on unlimited & client sites



➤  WP Toolkit (monthly)

Lifetime Value

  • Developer Rights to ALL Premium Themes & Plugins
  • Lifetime UNLIMITED updates
  • Install on UNLIMITED Personal & Client Sites
  • Pay ONCE - never pay again



WP Toolkit (onetime)


  • Developer Rights to all Premium Themes & Plugins
  • 12 months unlimited updates
  • Can install on unlimited & clients sites


$127 /year

WP Toolkit (yearly)

Warning - These Rock-Bottom Prices Won’t Be Around For Long!

Because I like to keep costs low for my customers, I don’t offer up rock bottom prices for just anyone.

After this launch closes pricing for WPToolkit WILL increase SIGNIFICANTLY

  • Monthly pricing rises from $47 to $67 (a 30% increase)

  • Annual pricing rises from $147 to $299 (a 51% increase)

  • Onetime pricing rises from $127 to $167 (a 24% increase)

These are a only few ways how WPToolkit benefits YOU . . .

If the timer has run out - the special launch savings are gone for good.

So why wait? Grab WPToolkit NOW and lock in your savings!

Look Forward To Earning More
In 2019 With WPToolkit


Successful business owners know saving money is as important as earning money.

And by picking up WPToolkit today, you’ll save thousands on the regular price of these incredible Premium plugins and themes. You might not need to purchase a single additional WP plugin or theme for years.

This means MORE of what you earn this year will STAY in your pockets.

You’ll have EVERYTHING at your disposal for a leaner, meaner, more attractive and efficient WP site. Niche-specific themes, mailing plugins, pop ups, advertising plugins and much more will all be at your disposal. (And you won’t be forced to for pay expensive licensing if you want to use the themes and plugins on multiple sites.)

This is only the start of your earnings potential with WPToolkit.

Not only will WPToolkit save you money - it will ALSO make you money.

Because these Premium WP Themes & Plugins are GPL licensed, they come with full developer’s rights. Install them on as many client sites as you wish. Modify them as you wish . . . even sell the modified versions.

For the tiny investment I’m asking today for WPToolkit, you’ll get almost unlimited earning potential in return.

So act now.

Grab the Toolkit before the price rises in the very near future. All you have to do is decide which pricing option best fits the needs of your business - and click the button below your selection.

Yes! I want Special Launch Savings - Reserve My Copy Now!

Thanks for reading. To your ongoing success, security and prosperity.

Matt Garrett

P.S. One of the biggest drawbacks to purchasing WP themes and plugins is you don’t know exactly what you’re getting until after you’ve installed them. With WP Toolkit, be reassured we’ve carefully checked the themes and plugins to make sure they do EXACTLY what they say on the tin . . . saving you from wasting your valuable time & effort. So click the button above to reserve your copy of WP Toolkit before the price increase.

P.P.S. Where will you be in 30 days if you don’t act now? Paying too much for Premium WP Themes and Plugins? Trying to find a new ‘no-brainer’ service to add to your client offerings and coming up short? Save money & earn more starting TODAY . . . click the button above. Pick up WPToolkit now to take advantage of all it offers.


Q: Am I limited as to how many times I can install the themes and plugins on my own sites?

A: You can use the themes and plugins as many times as you’d like without owing a single extra cent.

Q: What about for client sites? Is there a restriction on how many times I can use the themes?

A: There are no restrictions. Use the themes and plugins on as many client sites as you’d like.

Q: What does it mean when you say you’ll updates WP Toolkit for 12 months from purchase?

A: The WordPress core commonly updates about twice per year. When this happens, plugins and themes can experience incompatibility issues with the new WP version. So we’ll update the plugins & themes for you free-of-charge for at least 12 months after initial purchase. This will also give you reassurance your clients receive the benefit of up-to-date themes and plugins.

Q: Can I resell these themes and plugins as is?

A: No. The themes and plugins in WP Toolkit do not come with resell rights. However, because these Premium themes and plugins come with GPL licensing, you can hire your own coder to modify them and sell your modified version. Please note - we are unable to provide support for any themes or plugins you modify.

Q: Is complete access to all additional 'Pro' Services included for every theme and plugin?

A: Please note that whilst we do provide access to the Pro versions of Plugins & Themes, some manufacturers also offer additional Pro services which require an API key that we cannot provide. Access to these features will require a paid license from the original developer.

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